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With aid of the environment support program Life+ of the European Union.

Project aims


The aim of the LIFE+ Project team is to enhance or protect characteristic and typical habitats in the Kall Valley in order to protect and qualitatively enhance the native flora and fauna. These activities will at the same time help to strengthen the EU Natura 2000 protected areas network. In detail, this means:

• Culverts and weirs or barrages in streams are to be removed or altered to allow fish and invertebrates to inhabit as many sections of the waterways in the region as possible.
• Introduced non-native spruce plantations, which benefit hardly any of the typical alluvial meadow species, are to be replaced by semi-natural flood-plain woodland.
• Damp fallow grasslands at the headwaters of the Kall – the habitat of the violet copper butterfly – are to be connected to each other and their development optimized.